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  • CHANGES for 2018!
    • After 7 years of being, primarily, a BI consultant, and Tableau software trainer, I've decided to focus my on-going efforts in the speaking, and speaker coaching, business.
      To that end, I will be accepting a limited number of consulting and Tableau training engagements, and, only in two areas: Higher education, and, healthcare.
      BIAlytics will not go away. I will be working with a group of university students that will, upon graduation, be the new owners of the company. What they do with it will be their choices, with my mentoring tossed in (;-).
      My speaking, and coaching, web site link is below. That are basic, but, will be enhanced in the near future.
    • For past and current clients, continue to work with me. I have a set of well vetted contacts that can take over my consulting and training efforts. I will be referring YOU to them, and THEM, to you!
    • Finally, let's stay friends! And, if you have any opportunities for a speaker, or speaker coach, let me know!
      All the best,

  • More of Chuck's books are coming:
    • Next in the '59 Minute' series: "59 Minutes to Finding YOUR Story!" - Due Q1 2018
    • Then, in the '59 Minute' series: "59 Minutes to Giving Great Speeches!" - Due Q1 2018
    • Then, in the '59 Minute' series: "59 Minutes to Understanding Critical Thinking!" - Due Q1 2018
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